Mind Mapping Stories

I am finding the process of writing something much less painful when I know the basic structure or design before drafting. But I find one-fits-all formulas and recipes constricting. The use of mind maps allows me to lay down the bones, and flesh out and try out elements of, my ideas. So I don’t have to surrender my soul to the agonizing throes of labor over what was mean to be stillborn.

Here is a practical article I found on how one guy uses mind maps to write stories:


I’ve been using a mind map app called SimpleMind+ to collect elements of what makes a short story. I realize this could also be used as a template for developing a story:

I’ll be updating this, my own story-building mind map template as I learn more about the craft. Please feel free to comment below about what elements make a story.

© 2018 ohmyroses

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